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The 3rd International Wildland Fire Conference and Exhibition was hold on 3 to 6 of October, 2003 in Australia. The participants from about 70 countries which were eager to find the suitable and the most radical ways for minimization of risks to health and safety of people, the environment and ecological and also economical damage caused by wildland fires met there for the creating the collective plan for the solutions of the problems in wildland fire management.

The followed one-day summit of the representatives from all regions of the world adopted the agreement for the implementation of a five-year wildland fire strategy. The theme of the summit was "Fire management and sustainable development: strengthening international cooperation to reduce the negative impacts of wildfires on humanity and the global environment".

The participants came to the conclusion to maintain wildland fire management exchanges adopted for local ecological situations and social conditions and to develop the further projects and technologies directed to the protection of the environment from the fire disaster and all its possible consequences.

It was also decided to held regional conferences, summits or meetings the next years in order to have the possibility to exchange the ideas and experience, to secure funding for the financial support of the regional sessions and other outputs and to cooperate with different international organizations including UN organization.

A very important part of this conference was the exhibition which was organized in Sedney during the conference. Everybody having professional interest concerning fire management had the possibility to make aware of the best and modern services, communications, fire equipment and technology. The participants of the exhibition demonstrated the latest Innotech products, among which there were Innotech and Controls Temperature Systems, the Innotech Guardian Safety Systems team, a specialized dynamic monitoring for Digital Controllers, Innotech control systems, Controls Temperature Systems Guardian-Comms and others. This exhibition presented recent and new fire products and equipment and also showed the direction of the further development of this industry.