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Executive Summary

The Summit participants discussed and agreed either in principle or in substance to a series of strategies:

1. An agreement that the principles presented in Summit Paper 1 should apply to international wildland fire management projects and exchanges when adapted to local ecological and social conditions.

2. An agreement that an international agreement template presented in Summit Paper 2 can be used by agencies wishing to form a cooperative or mutual aid arrangements with one or more other countries for.

3. An agreement that an Incident Command System (ICS) presented in Summit Paper 3 should become the international standard for all wildland incident management participating in international or interagency agreements and exchanges.

4. An agreement to a strategy for future development as presented in Summit Paper 4.

Specific Actions by Summit participants:

1. Agreement to a series of regional conferences, summits, or roundtables to be held in the next four years.

2. Agreement to secure resources and funding for hosting the regional sessions and implementing other Summit outputs.

3. Agreement that the Summit outcomes will be transmitted to appropriate international organisations.

4. Agreement to request the assistance from the UN to lead the implementation of the outcomes of this strategy.

Follow-up Action

1. Establish an interim secretariat to ensure that the Summit outcomes are taken forward.

2. Paper # 1 to 4 to be further developed taking into account the comments of the Summit. Comments to be provided to the interim secretariatby 31st October 2003.

3. Develop a Paper # 5 on Community-Based Fire Management by FAO by 31st December 2003.