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Innotech Guardian-Comms

Guardian Safety Systems comprises electronics, communication, hardware and software to provide emergency services with the tools to Communicate, Co-ordinate and Control.

The system consists of a Remote Speaker Microphone that interfaces with the users existing two-way radio, providing full operational functionality when used with either a Helmet Accessory or BA Accessory.
Guardian-Comms can also be used in conjunction with hearing protection.

The Speaker Microphone incorporates a large PTT (press to talk) switch that can be activated in many ways, and
an Accessory Connector into which the user can plug either the Safety Helmet or BA.

The Helmet Accessory and BA Accessory include hearing and speaking transducers, and an interface cable with connector that plugs into the Speaker Microphone unit.

Guardian-Comms is a versatile system that provides users with the flexibility to select the configuration to suit the application. For example, in a high noise situation where hearing and head protection is required, the Speaker Microphone with Helmet Accessory is ideal. However, if hands free operation whilst wearing Breathing Apparatus is required, the BA Accessory is the most suitable. The Speaker Microphone can be used on its own.