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The summit will recommend a series of strategies for a concerted international forest fire management program. To this end the summit will:

1.Reflect on the Political Declaration and Plan of Implementation of the World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD), international conventions and the outcomes of previous key conferences on wildland fires and identify outcomes and develop strategies to support and enhance the knowledge shared and networks developed at the 3rd International Wildland Fire Conference;

2. Determine appropriate mechanisms to improve global communication and knowledge sharing on wildland fire management;

3. Call for commitment-in-principle from participants to immediate pragmatic actions which can be taken to assist in the management of wildland fuels and fires; and

4. Call for commitment-in-principle from participants to a global plan of action over the forthcoming five-year period that will result in positive outcomes in the reduction of the damage caused by wildland fires.


The theme of the summit is:

Fire Management and Sustainable Development: Strengthening international cooperation to reduce the negative impacts of wildfires on humanity and the global environment.

Intended Outputs

As a result of the summit, participants will be invited to consider the following position papers:

1. An agreement on the principles that should apply to international wildland fire management projects. (To be prepared by Gary Morgan, Larry Hamilton and Jerry Williams).

2. An agreement on a template document that can be used by countries wishing to form a cooperation arrangement with one or more other countries for mutual assistance with wildfire management. (To be prepared by Tom Frey and Ricardo Velez)

3. An agreement that the Incident Command System, (ICS) will become the international standard for all wildfire incident management; For this purpose we will need to develop easy-to-handle "International ICS Guidelines" that can be used by countries with limited infrastructures and personnel capabilities. (To be prepared by Buck Latapie and Murray Dudfield)

4. An agreement to a strategy for future development of the issues and international responses to wildland fires, including commitments to a series of regional conferences, an international wildland fire congress (Global Wildland Fire Summit), a 4th International Wildland Fire Conference in 2007, and cooperation between nations on wildland fire research. The strategy will explore the availability of the UN to offer Geneva as a platform for the global follow up. The strategy will also propose an organisational structure for management of international liaison in wildland fire issues, based on an expansion of the role of the International Liaison Committee and the provision of secretarial support. The strategy will also give attention to the question of ongoing funding. (To be prepared by Johann Goldammer and Denny Truesdale).