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The 3rd International Wildland Fire Conference in Sydney, Australia in October 2003, a one-day summit will be held between representatives from all regions of the globe to develop a strategy for the improvement of wildland fire management. Also attending will be invited representatives of those countries and international agencies most able to assist, or having a significant stake in the situation. The participants will meet to collectively plan both short and medium term pragmatic solutions to the problems being confronted in wildland fire management. This summit will seek agreement for the implementation of a five-year wildland fire strategy.

Sydney, Australia will host the 3rd International Wildland Fire Conference and Exhibition on 3rd to 6th October 2003. This conference will bring together representatives of those countries most severely impacted by forest fires as well as international agencies that are in a position, either because of their charter or because they have both the resources and the will to assist.

While the conference will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and disseminate new information about wildland fire management, it needs a summit to provide the forum where commitments to action can be sought and attained.

All countries attending the Sydney conference are searching for pragmatic and sustainable answers to the mitigation of risks to health and safety of communities, and the environmental, ecological and economic damage caused by uncontrolled wildland fires. Each country has valuable contributions for providing synergistic solutions. Many countries and international agencies, especially those with well developed wildland fire management systems or with resources available to share, are in the position to assist others that are in need of help.

The participants at the Summit have an unprecedented opportunity to consider the key issues and to help identify solutions and ways to commit to global action. All communities around the world afflicted by wildland fires can benefit from initiatives taken at this Summit.