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Summit Outputs

The Summit participants discussed and agreed either in principle or in substance to a series of strategies that will build on the work of many groups, conferences and regional summits: (An agreement in principle means that the participants agree that the strategies have merit and will begin to discuss and/or implement the strategies either within their agency or work with local partners to implement the strategy in the region.)

An agreement that the principles presented in Summit Paper 1 should apply to international wildland fire management projects and exchanges when adapted to local ecological and social conditions.

An agreement that an international agreement template presented in Summit Paper 2 can be used by agencies wishing to form a International Wildland Fire Summit 2003 Communique 5 Sharing Solutions in Sydney cooperative or mutual aid arrangements with one or more other countries for.

An agreement that an Incident Command System (ICS) presented in Summit Paper 3 should become the international standard for all wildland incident management participating in international or interagency agreements and exchanges.

An agreement to a strategy for future development as presented in Summit Paper 4.