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Summit Program

0830 hrs

Welcome by Host (The Hon Tony Kelly MLC, Minister for Emergency Services, NSW, Australia)

0840 hrs

Overview of business by Chairperson The Hon Neville Wran QC

0855 hrs

A Message from Mr Jan Egeland, the Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, read by the Mr Juan Carlos Brandt, Director of the UN Information Centre in Sydney, in honour of the International Wildland Fire Summit and the UN International Day of Disaster Reduction.

0910 hrs

Opening Remarks on behalf of International Tropical Timber Organisation: Ms Eva Mueller, Assistant Director, Reafforestation and Forestry Management.

0915 hrs

Presentation on Principles for International Fire Management Projects including group discussion: Gary Morgan.

0950 hrs

Presentation on Template Arrangement for international assistance including group discussion: Ricardo Velez-Munoz

1025 hrs

Presentation on ICS as the International Protocol for Emergency Management including group discussion: Murray Dudfield

1100 hrs

Morning tea

1130 hrs

Presentation on current global and regional networks: Johann Goldammer

1140 hrs

Strategy for Future Development of International Cooperation in Wildfire Management: Denny Truesdale

1220 hrs

Discussion on the presentations.

1245 hrs


1340 hrs

Presentation by Telstra Australia on new technology.

1345 hrs

Regional presentation: South East Asia (Ibu Liana Bratasida, Deputy Minister for Environmental Conservation, Indonesia)

1415 hrs

Regional presentation: Latin America (Patricio Sanhueza, Chile and Roberto Martinez, Mexico)

1445 hrs

Afternoon Tea

1515 hrs

Discussion of Strategy for Future Development

1545 hrs

Consideration of final versions of position papers.

1630 hrs

Consideration of draft communique

1800 hrs


1830 hrs

Dinner Cruise

Summit Follow-up Arrangements

For the summit to be successful it is imperative that it has the support and endorsement of the United Nations as well as the national wildland fire authorities and/or agencies of key participant countries

The implementation of recommendations of the Summit will be facilitated by the International Liaison Committee through a range of forums including the Regional Wildland Fire Networks.